EMDB is an application to keep track of your movie and TV Series collection. Both physical discs and media files are fully supported. With an automatic import from the database of IMDB, export to csv, text or HTML, thumbnail cover preview, a loan tracker, advanced search and filter functions and multi-language user interface. EMDB doesn't need a .NET framework or any other external libraries and is therefore fully portable. And best of all... it's free!
EMDB is available in several languages: English, Dutch, Danish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Hungarian, Croatian, Swedish, Greek, Catalan, Czech, Norwegian, Japanese, French, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Serbian, Slovenian, Arabic, Portuguese (Brazil), Hebrew, Persian, Albanian, Traditional Chinese, Romanian and Indonesian translations are included in the setup.
September 11th, 2019: EMDB V3.49 released
  • User Interface: Updated the default toolbar icons.
  • Backups: Fixed an issue were automatic backups and backups when installing a new version were sometimes saved to AppData\Local\VirtualStore instead of the configured location.
  • Media Files: Fixed Media Files on External Drives with Label containing [] did not play.
  • Scan at Startup: Added option to prevent scanning of subfolders.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Properly handle scores of 0%.
  • Loan History: Fixed displaying of short loan durations.
  • Statistics: Fixed percentage seen movies.
  • Statistics: Added number of seen TV Series.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Catalan, Turkish, Arabic and Dutch translations.
September 1st, 2019: EMDB V3.48 released
  • User Interface: New added movies added on a reserved space while reserved spaces were not shown did not show up until a restart.
  • Sorting: Added Rotten Tomatoes Sorting.
  • HTML Export: Fixed displaying the codec in the individual movie pages.
  • HTML Export: “Include Actor photos in Movie pages” setting was not remembered.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed downloading of Actor photos sometimes failed.
  • Media Files: Added support for *.webm file format.
  • Database: Added support WebM and Ogg Vorbis codecs.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Czech, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.
August 21st, 2019: EMDB V3.47 released
  • Add From Hard Disk: Created NFO file for single media files was sometimes named movie.nfo instead of filename.nfo.
  • Sorting: Sorting on Seen did not work if one or more movies didn't have a seen date.
  • User Interface: Fixed displaying Studio / Network in the Movie Details Panel.
  • Database: Added 2.76:1 to the Aspect Ratios.
  • IMDb Import: Made import of Aspect Ratio configurable.
  • IMDb Import: Protect custom actor photo's from being overwritten.
  • Batch Update: Protect custom actor photo's from being overwritten.
  • Edit Multiple Movies: Fixed editing of Genres for Multiple Movies.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Russian, German, Italian and Dutch translations.
July 21st, 2019: EMDB V3.46 released
  • User Interface: Option to keep the selection after sorting worked the other way around.
  • TV Series: Improved the season text for Series with just some seasons.
  • Development: Code cleanup and moved to Visual Studio 2019 for development.
  • System: NFO file could overwrite VIDEO_TS.IFO files
  • Translations: Updated the German, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian and Dutch translations.
July 1st, 2019: EMDB V3.45 released
  • Edit: Clearing all fields and adding new data was handled as adding a new movie instead of changing the current.
  • Edit: Clear did not clear Tomatometer score and Meta score.
  • Multiple Edit: Fixed sometimes genres were overwritten when not selected for change.
  • Multiple Edit: Locked movies are now excluded in multiple edit (except for multiple unlock ;-)
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Added support for TV Series.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Added an option to manually select or change a movie.
  • Rotten Tomatoes download / batch update: Always use the English title if available to get a better match.
  • TheMovieDB download: Use IMDb number instead of title to get a better match.
  • IMDb download: Fixed character name was not retrieved when no character page is available.
  • IMDb download: Fixed cast photos were not downloaded for actors without character page.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Persian and Dutch translations.
June 17th, 2019: EMDB V3.44 released
  • HTML Export: Updated Responsive Red template to V1.4.
  • Filter Menu: Fixed missing translations.
  • Batch Update: Fixed Top250 batch update returned incorrect #1 position for some movies.
  • User Interface: Fixed displaying of IMDb top 250 on the Movie Details Panel.
  • Sorting: Improved sorting on Seen column if column is configured to show Yes / No or X instead of the date.
  • Database: Added Rotten Tomatoes movie link.
  • Batch Update: Added Rotten Tomatoes TomatoMeter Score Batch update.
  • Batch Update: Added Actors Photo update (also fixes duplicate photo's and incorrect links to IMDb actor pages).
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian and Dutch translations.
June 6th, 2019: EMDB V3.43 released
  • Translations: Fixed crash with Finnish translation when opening the Add / Edit page.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed an issue where a movie could get #1 incorrectly.
  • User Interface: Added a Column and Filtering for IMDb Top250.
  • Search: Fixed Subtitle Search.
  • Database: Fixed silence Language property.
  • IMDb Update: Improved the order the cast is listed by first selecting actors with a Photo AND a Character page.
  • Database: Added Rotten Tomatoes TomatoMeter Score import.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Catalan, Czech, German, Slovak, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.
May 23th, 2019: EMDB V3.42 released
  • Database: Added IMDb Top 250 property
  • Database: Added Bengali audio stream and spoken language properties.
  • System: Fixed crash when deleting all movies.
  • System: Also delete nfo files when deleting media files.
  • MediaInfo Batch Update: Fixed an issue with assigning audio stream languages if more then one is present.
  • System: Fixed issue when deleting media files on removable disks when deleting an entry from the database.
  • IMDb Import: Added support for recent movies on IMDb having a new (longer) IMDb number."
  • Translations: Updated the Finnish, German, Italian, Slovenian, Turkish and Dutch translations."
April 15th, 2019: EMDB V3.41 released
  • Add Movie: Fixed unlocking controls after using Add and Continue on a locked movie.
  • Add Movie: Fixed new movies sometimes showed up twice on the bookshelf.
  • Edit Movie: Fixed Movie Details Panel was not updated when editing a movie.
  • Database Options: Added button to cleanup duplicate Actor Photo's.
  • System: Cutting / Pasting TV Series lost the Series details and Posters.
  • User Interface: Added option to immediately sort new added movies or show them at the top of the list.
  • User Interface: Adding a movie after doing a Search / Filter didn't always show the new movie until restart.
  • Database: Added MediaBook as Case type.
  • Batch Update: Improved progres Media Info Batch Update process.
  • Translations: Updated the Dutch translation.
March 30th, 2019: EMDB V3.40 released
  • General: Fixed a crash at startup for some users.
  • User Interface: Improved update of list / bookshelf if a single movie is edited.
  • Add Movie: Fixed inserting movies.
  • User Interface: Fixed clicking on an actor in the cast overview should show all movies the actors appears in.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Arabic and Dutch translations.
March 25th, 2019: EMDB V3.39 released
  • Add Movies From Hard Disk: Clicking Cancel when browsing a folder for adding Multiple Movies or a TV Series was not handled correctly.
  • Database: Added 'iTunes', 'Google Play' and 'Youtube' to the Streaming Services.
  • Merge Databases: Improved merging code to better handle large databases.
  • Merge Databases: Posters are now also merged.
  • Merge Databases: Added a progress indicator.
  • Merge Databases: Added a detailed result overview.
  • User Interface: Added movies are now also correctly positioned when a Search result or Filtering is shown.
  • Print: Improved the layout of the Movie Details Template.
  • Edit Multiple movies: Added possibility to change Genres of multiple movies.
  • Add Movies From Hard Disk: Added support for Kodi generated movie.nfo, tvshow.nfo and poster.jpg.
  • Translations: Updated the French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish and Dutch translations.
March 10th, 2019: EMDB V3.38 released
  • Startup: Fixed scanning for removed Media files at startup.
  • System: Fixed displaying filenames on External Drives containing [] characters.
  • Rename Moved Media Files Location: Fixed renaming on external drives.
March 9th, 2019: EMDB V3.37 released
  • System: Changed Folder Browse dialog to better support Network drives.
  • User Interface: Only enable Copy Files / Open Location in the context menu if an actual media file is present.
  • Database: Added "IMAX" and "CRITERION COLLECTION" to the Version field options.
  • Defaults: Added Container to the fields from which you can set a default value.
  • Edit Multiple Movies: Fixed changing the Codec cleared the Container field.
  • Add Movie: Clear Groups Edit Box after you use Add And Continue.
  • System: Fixed detection of External Drive Labels containing [].
  • User Interface: Fixed setting dates before 1970 with DateTimePicker.
  • User Interface: Fixed tab order in Add / Edit Movie page.
  • Backups: Added support for a custom location to store backups.
  • Backups: Daily / weekly / monthly backups are now saved with a data stamp.
  • Backups: Display all backups in the selected (custom backup) location.
  • Backups: Moved backup functions in their own options screen.
  • Backups: Added notifications when automatic backups are created.
  • User Interface: Date seen did not always fit in the Movie Details Panel.
  • Database: Added a Service field if source is streaming to specify the specific service.
  • Custom values: Added Custom Services.
  • User Interface: Added movies are now directly inserted in the sorted list instead of added at the top.
  • Print: Fixed misplacement of lines between movies in Movie Details Template for high resolution printers.
  • Batch Update: Fixed MediaInfo Batch Update for Media Files on Removable Drives.
  • Rename Media Files: Fixed Copying Thumbnails to Media File Locations on Removable Drives.
  • Media Info: The Container is now also detected with MediaInfo.
  • Search: Fixed Search for manually entered Actors used incorrect casing resulting in wrong results.
  • User Interface: Added Writers and Composers to the Columns to display in List View.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, Czech, Arabic, Italian, Slovenian, German and Dutch translations.
February 14th, 2019: EMDB V3.36 released
  • System: Upgrading a library also broke file size detection with MediaInfo.
February 14th, 2019: EMDB V3.35 released
  • System: Upgrading a library broke handling of large files and removable drive labels.
February 13th, 2019: EMDB V3.34 released
  • Startup: Media files on removable disks are also checked for removal if the specific drive is mounted.
  • System: Fixed crash when parsing media files with invalid dates.
  • Translatations: The Arabic translation caused a crash when multiple movies were selected.
  • Translatations: Changed the flag for the Arabic translation to the flag of Saudi Arabia.
  • User Interface: Added "Copy Media Files to" to context menu to copy media file(s) to a specific location.
  • Rename media files: Renaming now also renames the NFO file if present.
  • Add / Edit screen: Fixed showing voice only actor pages on IMDb.
  • User Interface: Changed the alignment of the rating columns in the listview to left aligned.
  • User Interface: Always show Characters in Cast tab of Add / Edit screen.
  • Print: Added Detailed Movie Overview Print template.
  • User Interface: While editing the Loaned input field special keys for selecting text (e.g Shift-Home, Ctrl-A etc.) operated on the Movie List / Bookshelf instead.
  • Translations: Updated the Catalan, Spanish and Dutch translations.
January 17th, 2019: EMDB V3.33 released
  • TV Series: Fixed an out of memory error when adding episodes with a specific episode/season format.
January 16th, 2019: EMDB V3.32 released
  • Database: Fixed an issue resulting in an empty database after loading the new data format.
  • Database: Improved loading speed even more.
  • User Interface: Removed Paypal and donation buttons when application is customized.
  • Add Movies from Hard Disk: Improved TV Series Episode detection.
  • Translations: Updated the Slovenian, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, German and Dutch translations.
January 4th, 2019: EMDB V3.31 released
  • Database: Fixed duplicate Actor photos.
  • User Interface: Added display of IMDb Id for Actors in Cast Edit screen.
  • User Interface: Added option to update Actor photo in Cast Edit screen.
  • User Interface: Added button to open Actor page on IMDb in Add / Edit screen.
  • Search: Added Search on Writers and Soundtrack Composers.
  • User Interface: Fixed position / overlapping of Metascore indicator when changing Windows font size.
  • Translations: Updated the Slovenian, Italian, Hebrew, German, Russian, Arabic and Dutch translations.
December 21st, 2018: EMDB V3.30 released
  • Database: Fixed Sort string of Groups were not saved.
  • Translations: Fixed Custom Field labels were not translated when description was left empty.
  • User Interface: Added Whishlist as selectable column.
  • TV Series: Fixed displaying of Single Season / Specials sometimes was incorrect.
  • Database: Fixed Out Of Memory error for huge databases.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, German and Dutch translations.
December 18th, 2018: EMDB V3.29 released
  • Database: During conversion to the new database format the custom fields got lost. This version fixes this by restoring the backup created during the conversion. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
December 17th, 2018: EMDB V3.28 released
  • HTML templates: Updated the ResponsiveRed and DarkComfort HTML templates
  • Database: Fixed Remove Unused Directors and Remove Unused Writers still removed one entry if all were in use.
  • Database: Changed the database format to JSON. Filesize is a bit bigger, loading a bit slower but way more stable and extendable (and better readable).
  • Sorting: Added sorting by Date Seen.
  • Clipboard: Copy / Pasting movies did not include the 2 custom fields.
  • Database: Improved storing TV Series seasons.
  • User Interface: Improved displaying TV Series seasons.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Czech, Spanish, Slovenian and Dutch translations.
November 28th, 2018: EMDB V3.27 released
  • TV series: Fixes sometimes first specials did not show up.
  • Database: Added Container field.
  • Database: Added HDR (10 / 10 Plus / Dolby Vision) properties.
  • Database: Added Dolby Digital 2.0 and 5.1 audio stream properties.
  • IMDb import: Fixed hanging IMDb import for specific movies / Series (e.g. Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955))
  • IMDb import: Fixed importing of country specific and original titles.
  • Edit Cast: Fixed maually adding new actors to the database.
  • Swap Movies: Fixed value was not swapped.
  • HTML Export: Added option to not resize the thumbnails.
  • Translations: Updated the Slovenian, Simplified Chinese, German and Dutch translations.
October 31st, 2018: EMDB V3.26 released
  • User Interface: clicking on the cover always used the default player even when a custom player was configured.
  • Database: Deleting actors from the database in the Edit Cast screen could mix up voice of actors in other movies.
  • Database: Added import of IMDb MetaScore.
  • Search: Aligned Filter page with the current filter dropdown menu.
  • Database: You can now also add an URL as location. The Play button than changes into a Browse button launching the default configured web browser.
  • TV Series: Double click on episode plays the episode.
  • Add From Hard Disk: Fixed an issue where the incorrect movie was selected (e.g. 'Rush Hour').
  • Batch Update: Added an option to create missing NFO files.
  • Add from Hard Disk: Fixed getting MediaInfo from External Disks.
  • Generate HTML: Fixed creating individual Movie pages when creating a Patch folder.
  • TV Series: Added location / Media Label to the main location of a TV Series besides per episode (can now also be a link to e.g Netflix).
  • Add / Edit Movie: Clear all fields keeps Awards and #discs
  • TV Series: Seen and Locked flags for Specials were not remembered.
  • Batch Update: Fixed crash when doing large updates.
  • Batch Update: Added duration and download size to the progress indicator.
  • Translations: Updated the Slovenian, Simplified Chinese, German and Dutch translations.
October 17th, 2018: EMDB V3.25 released
  • HTML Export: Fixed the navigation header of individual movie pages when exporting a selection.
  • IMDb import: Disabled Advanced tile search as the results got worse lately and slightly improved the Standard Search.
  • import: Fixed incorrect parsed Unicode characters showing up as '��'.
  • Find Duplicates: Show file size, resolution and duration when comparing two movies in the Find Duplicates screen to better select the best media file.
  • TV Series: Opening the TV Series Detail page updated the seen date to today.
  • Search: Added Comment Field Search to the Combined Search.
  • Statistics: Increased the available space for total value as large collections in specific currencies (e.g. Danish Krones) didn't fit.
  • Print: &-characters were not printed.
  • IMDb import: Import non-TV certification if available.
  • Update Media Files Location: Fixed an issue with files on external disks and added more logging to better see what happened.
  • Update Media Files Location: Fixed compare was case sensitive.
  • Database: Fixed line feeds in comments field were not saved.
  • HTML Export Templates: Updated the DarkComfort template thanks to R3gi.
  • Translations: Updated the Czech, Slovenian, Catalan, Finnish, Simplified Chinese, German and Dutch translations.
October 1st, 2018: EMDB V3.24 released
  • IMDb Import: Changed 'UK' to 'United Kingdom' to fix import of country specific titles / certification.
  • System: Added External Drive Media labels support to TV Series episodes too.
  • System: Fixed adding of Media Labels when IMDb query is aborted or fails.
  • System: Fixed Open File Location on External Drives.
  • Rename Media Files: Take media files on Removable External Disks into account when renaming.
  • HTML Export: Added years.htm to the patch folder if a patch is created.
  • HTML Export: Updated the Dark Comfort HTML Export template to V1.9 thanks to R3gi.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Czech, Slovenian, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.
September 22nd, 2018: EMDB V3.23 released
  • System: Fixed an issue while scanning for new files at startup on USB sticks
  • System: Improved adding Media labels when adding files from Removable (USB) Disks.
  • System: Updated kiosk mode to not show the movie context menu on right click, update the caption and disable the export function. Kiosk mode can be started by launching EMDb with command parameter /kioskmode
  • User Interface: Added a column 'External Drive' to display in ListView / Export / Print.
  • IMDb import: Fixed importing of writers of TV Series.
  • IMDb import: Added an option to set the maximum number of Writers and Directors to import.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.
September 19th, 2018: EMDB V3.22 released
  • IMDb import: Fixed importing of Genres.
September 19th, 2018: EMDB V3.21 released
  • IMDb import: Fixed importing of language specific plot outline if language specific title was enabled too.
  • User Interface: Added CD Jewel Case visualization for the Bookshelf.
  • User Interface: Scan for new files at startup was done even if only scan for deleted files at startup was enabled.
  • User Interface: Added a warning when deleting entries from the database that also the associated media files are deleted if configured so.
  • Batch Update: Added an option to save after updating a number of movies to prevent data loss in case something happens during a long updating process.
  • Database: Added the Media label of CD / DVD disks and Removable media to the location field so EMDb can detect if the correct disk / drive is loaded / mounted when playing a media file.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Slovenian, Czech, Italian and Dutch translations.
August 31st, 2018: EMDB V3.20 released
  • IMDb import: In some cases an extra text was added at the end of a title.
  • IMDb import: In some cases an incorrect actor with some garbage characters is inserted in the cast list.
  • IMDb import: In some cases the photo of the next actor was used when an actor has no photo.
  • IMDb import: Fixed using actors as directors for some Documentaries (e.g. 'Agnelli').
  • IMDb import: Strip indication for multiple character names (' / ...').
  • Database: Added '1.37:1 (Academy ratio)' to the aspect ratio properties.
  • User Interface: Changing (multi) selection in ListView sometimes resulted in repeated updating of the details panel.
  • Batch Update: Writers were not cleared after every Movie / TV Series.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Russian and Slovenian translations.
August 21th, 2018: EMDB V3.19 released
  • IMDb import: Fixed Batch Update and Add from Hard Disk IMDb lookup.
  • Translations: Updated the Spanish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese and German translations.
August 19th, 2018: EMDB V3.18 released
  • IMDb import: Fixed broken import due to a lot of internal IMDb website changes. Probably not everything is perfect yet but most common stuf seems to work again.
  • Rename Media Files: Renaming multiple times caused EMDb to add (1) to the file names "as the file already existed".
  • User Interface: Improved Full Screen Poster display and navigation.
  • User Interface: After navigating through Full Screen Poster display the current movie is now updated accordingy.
  • Database: Added 'VHS sleeve' and 'VHS clamshell' to the case field options.
  • Database: Added 'MPEG-4 Part 2' to the video codec options.
  • IMDb import: Fixed importing of multiple Writers.
  • MediaInfo: Updated MediaInfo to version 18.05;
  • MediaInfo: Added support for more than 16 audio and subtitle streams.
  • MediaInfo: Added support for Enhanced Dolby Digital (Plus) format.
  • MediaInfo: Improved detecting of Video Codecs.
  • Translations: Updated the Slovenian, Arabic, Czech, Catalan, Portuguese (Brazil) and Dutch translations.
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