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Here you can find the release notes from earlier versions of UnderCover10/XP. The versions themselfs are not available on this website but maybe still available on other download sites.
UnderCover10 2.02 has been released
March 2nd 2015
  • Settings: I got some reports of not saving settings and changes made with the Format Editor. This version should fix this.
UnderCover10 2.01 has been released
March 1st 2015
  • Templates: Some small improvements on several formats were made.
  • General: Changes in the print settings were lost every time a new print job was started.

Based on the first feedback I'm considering re-adding the possibility to print two images on a single sheet (e.g. CD front and back) and the spine conversion feature (e.g. resizing a full DVD cover with 14mm spine to fit a slimline box with a 7mm spine)

Let's test that autoupdater ;-)

UnderCover10 2.00 has been released
February 27th 2015


  • User Interface: New Name and new User Interface.

  • User Interface: Simplified the usage of Undercover10 by removing Skin support, the system Menu, the Image Context Menu and the secondary image.
  • System: Improved the autoformat detection.
  • System: Added an AutoUpdater to download and install new versions automatically.

  • Templates: Simplified the usage by removing several very (too detailed or too complex) settings as they were not clear to a lot of people.
  • Templates: Added an option to set the print quality.
  • Templates: Removed several formats: all digital photo formats and spine transformation templates.
  • Templates: Added several new formats: XBOXOne, PS4, slimline bluray boxes.
  • Templates: Made one generic Canon Tray format which supports all currently known Trays (Tray A - Tray K)
  • System: Rewrote large parts of the code as it became harder and harder to maintain and extend UnderCoverXP/10.
  • Translations: Cleaned up the English and Dutch translations. Aligned all others. Those need some work to complete though.
UnderCoverXP 1.23 has been released
February 19th 2010
  • Printing: Added support for Canon Pixma 4600 Tray G.
  • Translations Fixed unresolved translations of formats resulting in ???'s in format dropdown and Format Editor.
  • Format Editor: Fixed image layout gets corrupted after using the format editor.
  • Format Editor: sizes of trays were corrupted when using the Format Editor.
  • Format Editor: The selected format was not always shown when starting the Format Editor.
  • Format Editor: format description in configuration file was removed when using the Format Editor.
  • Format Editor: RECT keywords were removed when using the Format Editor.
  • User Interface: Filenames below preview in main window are now cut off at the end when too long.
  • User Interface: Fixed small transparency issues with Checkboxes and Buttons on Window Vista and 7.
  • Format Editor: configuration file is now only saved when actually changes are made when the OK button is used.
  • Format Editor: Finally added LINE and RECT editors.
  • Autodetect: Fixed correct detection and rotation of a CD Front + Inside.
  • User Interface: Added Paste from clipboard via menu, context menu and Ctrl-V shortcut.
  • Translations: updated the Russian, Greek and French translations.
  • Translations: Added Slovak translation.
UnderCoverXP 1.22 has been released
August 2nd, 2009
  • Translations: Translations of the formats are now also used in the Format Editor.

  • User Interface: Displaying of the preview for trays got broken for several skins.

  • Translations: Text below the preview indication no image loaded was not always translated correctly.

  • Skins: Added an option to draw an edge around the preview paper (for skins with light backgrounds of the main window).

  • Translations: Added Vietnamese translation.

  • Translations: Updated the Italian and Hungarian translations.

  • Format Editor: Manual changed values of positions were not saved.

  • Startup: Check for updates now uses the undercoverxp.tk redirector instead of the direct link.

UnderCoverXP 1.21 has been released
February 7th, 2009
  • Configuartion File: [] characters in file names of recently opened files broke the configuration file.

  • Skins: Removed the Santa skin.

  • User Interface:  Context menu was empty if not translated.

  • Templates: Separated native slimline DVD and regular DVD printed as slimline formats.

  • Translations: Format names are now translatable (only Dutch, my native language, is completed for now).

  • Translations: Initial UI language is now set to the language of the OS.

  • Translations: Updated the Dutch and Czech translations.

  • General: Tested (successfully) on Windows 7.

UnderCoverXP 1.20 has been released
December 12th, 2008
  • Portability: Added a portable version to the Software section.

  • Translations: Updated the Russian translation.

  • Portability: Some (unneccessary) empty registry entries were still created.

  • Printing: Fixed a problem when "print on a single page" was checked but no second image was selected.

  • Skins: Added grayscale option for skins.

  • Skins: Added a "clean" skin, a Media skin and a Santa skin.

  • Skins: Added options to configure text, background and combobox colors for skins.

  • Online Help: Added (initial) Online Help.

  • User Interface: Added context menu to left and right preview windows for Load, Print, Rotate and New.

  • User Interface: Cosmetic changes for several dialogs.

UnderCoverXP 1.19 has been released
January 13th, 2008
  • Configuration File: Settings were not always saved correctly.

  • Configuration File: duplicate entries (due to previous bugs) are now removed.

  • Configuration File: Last used folder was not always remembered correctly.

UnderCoverXP 1.18 has been released
January 10th, 2008
  • Vista: Fixed UAC (User Account Control) problem resulting in Languages not being selectable, options not being saved, etc. From now on you can run UnderCoverXP on Vista logged in as a User or an Administrator, without the need to "Run As Administrator" and with UAC either enabled or disabled.

  • Translations: Updated the Finish and German translations.

  • Format Editor: Fixed unchecking of Remapping was not stored.

  • Printing: Fixed Auto Rotating in Batch Mode Printing.

  • Skins: Removed XMas Skin.

  • Skins: Fixed crash on corrupted skins.

UnderCoverXP 1.17 has been released
December 29th, 2007
  • Printing: Fixed printing both images on one single page.

  • Translations: Updated the French, German and Japanese translations. Added Arabic translation.

  • Formats: Added Playstation Portable (PSP) format.

UnderCoverXP 1.16 has been released
December 16th, 2007
  • Printing: Fixed printing of the second (right side) image.

  • Options: Fixed options were not always saved.

UnderCoverXP 1.15 has been released
December 12th, 2007
  • Development environment: Moved to Visual Studio 2008 and MFC 9.0.

  • Printing: Added Media Type and Paper Source properties for all individual formats.

  • Formats: Added Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii formats.

  • Options: Added support for custom auto loading texts.

  • Skins: Added a good old skin from one of the previous versions: "R2000" and a "XMas Anime" skin.

  • Skins: Fixed a bug were the overlay part on the right preview was not drawn correctly.

  • General: Added an (optional) check for a new version at startup.

  • Application: UnderCoverXP is now fully portable: all settings are stored in a local configuration file (undercoverxp.cfg) instead of the Windows registry. Your current settings are imported the first time you run the new version.

UnderCoverXP 1.14 has been released
January 26nd, 2007
  • Printing: Fixed a bug in forcing CD-R tray even when no tray format was specified or even when no tray printer is connected.

  • Configuration file: Detecting if no configuration file available instead of crashing.

  • Skins: Fixed crash when previous selected external skin was removed.

UnderCoverXP 1.13 has been released
December 21st, 2006
  • Format Editor: When saving a changed or added format the hole size value was always reset to zero.

  • Format Editor: When saving a changed or added format the paper size (only used for dimensions of the tray for now) was not saved.

  • Format Editor: Manually edited positions were not used.

  • Format Editor: Autodetect flag was not saved.

  • Format Editor: LEFT, RIGHT, TOP and BOTTOM keywords are now saved correctly.

  • Printing: Fixed a bug in selecting the Tray when printing on a Canon PIXMA label printer.

  • Translations: Only the selected language is now read into memory at startup.

  • Translations: Added Catalan translation.

  • Printing: Added support for a new Canon CD-R tray (Tray F). The following Canon tray printers are now supported: iP3000, iP4000, iP5000, iP6000, iP6000D, iP8500, MP750, MP760, MP780, iP4200, iP5200, iP6600D, iP6700D, MP950, iP4300, MP 600, MP810 and MP960. Tested with the latest printer drivers versions 1.80, 1.90b and 1.95.

  • Skins: Added random skin selection (which is the new default setting)

UnderCoverXP 1.12 has been released
August 18th, 2006
  • Skins - Skins can now be added externally. Added the very first Anime girl as an example. Create your own, send it to me and the best ones will be put on the website or even added to the next version!

  • Templates - Changed the automatic slim DVD cover code to also handle wider spine (TV Series) boxes.

  • Format Editor - When saving a changed or added format the spine
    values were allways reset to 0.

  • Format Editor - Manually edited width and height were not used.

  • Format Editor - Spin buttons 2nd position were not working.

  • Templates - Added [DVD ->6 DVD Box] and native [6 DVD Box] templates.

  • Translations - Updated the French and Greek translations.

UnderCoverXP 1.11 has been released
June 08th, 2006
  • Development environment - Moved to Visual Studio 2005 with MFC 8.0 Library and full Unicode support. Russian language should be working again and Asian translations are now possible.

  • Format Editor - Added a graphical format editor to change existing formats or add new ones.

  • Anime Girls - 2 new Anime Girls added ;-) (All previous girls also will return soon...)

  • Translations - Completely rewrote the translation code of the GUI to be more efficient. Removed CRC check from language files. Added Chinese language thanks to Xuimei Pu. Added Japanese language thanks to Nar Dog.

  • Options - Added option to disable Autodetecting of loaded images. Added an option to draw a border around the covers.

  • Batch Mode Printing - Added batch mode printing. (via both file-open and drag-and-drop).

  • CD Tray Printing - Added CD/DVD Tray printing support (Canon PIXMA series).

  • Bug fixes - Fixed crash when configuration file was empty or missing. Fixed hand cursor when hoovering over the image window if running Windows XP. Fixed printing of 2 front covers on a single page.



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